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Re: Case sensitivity

Edgar Fuß schrieb:
The other thing that springs to mind for the perl hackers amongst us
is writing a tool to trawl all the PLISTs to find files which will
clash on case-insensitive file systems - now is your chance! :-).
I would not consider myself a perl hacker, exactly, but here you go:

That's a good start, and indeed it is not really difficult to find the easy clashes.

Some ideas to make your simple script a little more complicated and accurate:

* Use the PLISTs from binary packages in addition to the source PLISTs.

* Treat each instance of ${...} in the source PLIST as a wildcard, and output all these combinations that _might_ clash depending on the values that you insert for ${...}.

* Output the package names (or source directories) in addition to the clashing names.

And if you are really ambitious, you may integrate this check into pkglint, especially into the inter-package checks.


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