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Re: Case sensitivity

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 05:28:00PM +0200, Edgar Fu? wrote:
> > The approach we've taken in the past has been the radical one of
> > fixing the package so it doesn't need case-sensitivity.
> What would you suggest as a fix to avr-libc, which installs man
> pages for two macros named PRIx8 and PRIX8?  Merge them into one man
> page?

That's a difficult one, since they mean two different things.

#define certain HUGE

I think your solution is exactly the correct one, since renaming one
of them (for example) PRIlowerx8 would mean a certain amount of
lossage when searching for the correct man page. 

#undef certain

At the same time, this is a lot of work, and one would have to hope
that case-sensitive and case-remembering file systems would be about
to die sometime soon. OK, so I am an optimist. The question is whether
all of that work is worth it for one man pages.

The other thing that springs to mind for the perl hackers amongst us
is writing a tool to trawl all the PLISTs to find files which will
clash on case-insensitive file systems - now is your chance! :-).


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