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Re: how to bootstrap a 64 bit installation on Solaris?

2010/4/3 Georg Schwarz <>:
> I'm trying to install pkgsrc as a 64 bit installation on Solaris 8.
> To get started, I downloaded and installed gcc 3.4.6 from

Maybe a stupid question, but why don't you use the Sun Compiler? It's
available for free, too.

> Bootstrapping as such works fine. However, when it comes to compiling a 
> package that needs devel/gettext-tools, I end up like this:
> wrong
> ELF class: ELFCLASS32

Did you set ABI=64 in mk.conf? If so, maybe you should take a look
into work/.work.log to see what command
caused the error and report it, so someone can provide a fix.

> Unfortunately, lang/gcc34 as well as lang/gcc44 are among the packages that 
> depend on devel/gettext-tools.
> When I try to compile lang/gcc3-c++ I end up with the same issue.
> So I first did a 32 bit installation of pkgsrc and was able to compile 
> lang/gcc3 and lang/gcc34 (lang/gcc as well as lang/gcc44 had other issues).
> However, when I do the 64 bit installation with one of these compilers I end 
> up just the same with devel/gettext-tools.
> Is there a way to get a 64 bit installation of pkgsrc when one has only the 
> 32 bit compiler/libs to start from?

I don't know whether gcc is able to ceate 64-bit results if itself is
built for 32-bit only. I think (assume) it should. I don't have access
to a gcc 3.x anymore, but IIRC -m64 was supported there, too.

I know I had problems with gnu libtools installed when using Sun
Compiler, maybe there is a similar issue vice versa?

Best regards,

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