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Re: how to bootstrap a 64 bit installation on Solaris?

On 04/ 4/10 07:25 AM, Georg Schwarz wrote:
I'm trying to install pkgsrc as a 64 bit installation on Solaris 8. To get
started, I downloaded and installed gcc 3.4.6 from

Last time I saw their installation and usage instructions I ran away screaming. Their compilers don't seem to know where their shared libraries are and things can only get worse from there.

Bootstrapping as such works fine. However, when it comes to compiling a
package that needs devel/gettext-tools, I end up like this: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

You probably needed to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make the sunfreeware stuff work, and it's now interfering with devel/gettext-tools. This is just a guess.

Is there a way to get a 64 bit installation of pkgsrc when one has only the
32 bit compiler/libs to start from?

Yes. I'm not entirely sure how, but I am sure it's possible. Your first step should probably be to ensure that you have a rock solid reliable 64 bit compiler. Either download Sun's compiler suite (free, but very big), or use the sunfreeware software to build a local copy of the latest version of GCC. Maybe install your GCC into /usr/gnu/{bin,lib}. By the time GCC has finished its stage3 build, it will not rely on the sunfreeware files. Delete the sunfreeware packages and bootstrap pkgsrc with your GCC and then build stuff as normal. There may be something you need to set in mk.conf to force the use of the 64 bit ABI.

Sorry the instructions are a bit wishy washy, but it's been a while since I used Solaris 8 and the last time I messed with forcing pkgsrc to be 64 bit was on OS X.


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