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Re: Problem with nmap-5.21


I found the problem, it was me that created a typo then I changed a patch. Please patch your repo with this patch, and it will work:

I tried that patch and it makes nmap work on some systems but not others. Separately, on NetBSD/sparc64 nmap 5.00 often dumped core, but now it almost always dumps core.

Another problem is that it doesn't answer to control-t anymore.

NetBSD 5 amd64 - works
NetBSD 5 m68k (Amiga) - works
NetBSD 5 MIPS (Cobalt) - works
NetBSD 5 PowerPC (Mac) - works
Mac OS X 10.5.8, 64 bit PowerPC - works
Mac OS X 10.5.8, 32 bit PowerPC - works
Mac OS X 10.6.2, 64 bit - works, but takes FOREVER (not sure if it ever finishes)

Now for what doesn't work:

NetBSD 5 StrongArm - doesn't work
This machine has IPv4 only over an IPv6 tunnel.

NetBSD 5 PowerPC (Mac) - doesn't work
This machine has public IPv4 and IPv6 and routes several public IPv4 subnets over gif tunnels.

I'd say it's better to have mostly working than not working at all, so go ahead and update the package. I'll try to get more specific information that might help fixing things more completely.


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