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Re: pkg_summary(5), PROVIDES and REQUIRES

 >> pkg/42907

> Thanks.

 >> How about the following patch?
 >> A few notes about it:
 >> 1) \.[0-9]+$ and \.[0-9\.]+$ regexp patterns have been replaced
 >>   with (\.[0-9]+)?$ for obvious reasons
 >> 2) symlinks are explicitely removed from PROVIDES

> I don't understand this. Isn't it possible for something to require a
> .so file that could be a symlink?
Example? Usually ldd says either and this a real file (not
a symlink), or says<num> and we don't need a symlink in this case.

> Or is there an existing check for
> that elsewhere? Nevertheless, I can't find any example of this on my
> own system, so probably okay.

With my patch PROVIDES and REQUIRES are generated in the following way.

1) PROVIDES includes all .so and .so.[0-9]+ shared library files
   excluding .so files which are symbolic links (Usually .so symlink
   points to appropriate .so.<number> which is already in PROVIDES => no

2) REQUIRES includes shared libraries required by executable or shared
   libraries provided by the package, excluding shared libraries
   included in the package's PLIST. For examples, if both bin/bzip2
   (that requires lib/ and lib/ are provided by the
   package REQUIRES will not include lib/

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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