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Re: pkg_summary(5), PROVIDES and REQUIRES

> The perl problem is probably due to expression not matching reality.
> This is in pkgsrc/mk/flavor/pkg/             

> /(^|\/)lib\/lib.*\.so\.[0-9]+$$/

> Maybe could be like:

> /(^|\/)lib\/.*\/lib.*\.so\.[0-9]+$$/

> Sure seems like I brought this up before. Now I found it:


I overlooked your email. So I rediscovered the problem once again.

> See second email in thread mentions the same perl issue. I forgot about 
> it. Needs a bug ticket probably to remember.

Should I send-pr or you?

JFYI: how I've found this problem.  Just a few hours ago I've created
pkg_lint_summary utility (a part of wip/pkg_summary-utils package).
Then I checked all installed packages on my NetBSD and Linux systems

   pkg_info -Xa | pkg_lint_summary -l

and then I donwloaded pkg_summary.bz2 for pkgsrc-2009Q4 from NetBSD ftp
server and tested it too with a help of

   bzcat pkg_summary.bz2 | pkg_lint_summary -l

Perhaps, the last command will show all PROVIDES/REQUIRES problems of
this type. My tool (not heavily tested yet) shows 584 potentially
uninstalled packages. Feel free to play with it.

As for your patches in that email. On different systems shared libraries
has different naming conventions and extension, e.g. HP-UX and Darwin.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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