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Re: git copies of cvs modules available


Thus wrote Lloyd Parkes (

> Still, that's a lot of resources to create the clone. If we start 
> providing git repositories, we may need two for each source tree, one 
> stable repository that people can rsync to create their initial clone, 
> and then a much more frequently updated repository to do real work with. 

Please note that you can rsync the git repos now, or ftp them.

> I found the Mercurial repositories, but they appear to be corrupt.

You have read the readme? Only othersrc, htdocs and xsrc are supposed to
exist (and they currently don't get updates), pkgsrc and src I haven't
managed to convert yet (attempts were with fromcvs and hg-git, both fail
in a "no more progress" mode eventually; those were the options supposed
to work best). 

I'm not very impressed with hg itself right now either; neither the
language it's written in (as in, language def) nor the software are
particularily stable (I had occasion to find out how to repair a corrupt
repository already). From an admins point of view, "needs more ripening".

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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