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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

I've managed to clone the git repositories for src and pkgsrc at work and things seem to be working quite well.

The initial clone consumes vast amounts of memory and bandwidth. By the time that I found out that 256MB of RAM wasn't enough at home, I had consumed my monthly 20GB traffic quota. No such problems at work though. Still, that's a lot of resources to create the clone. If we start providing git repositories, we may need two for each source tree, one stable repository that people can rsync to create their initial clone, and then a much more frequently updated repository to do real work with. I don't know how well git copes with a local repository that is an rsync copy of a remote repository that was being updated during the rsync operation.

The subsequent updates are fast. Much better than rsync. This is so much better than rsync and CVS that even though I don't know how to use git, I'm almost ready to switch to it.

I found the Mercurial repositories, but they appear to be corrupt. I tried converting my local copy of the NetBSD CVS repository to Mercurial and the program crashed after running for 12 hours, so I guess that's where the corruption on came from. I shouldn't really put any time in to fixing the Mercurial conversion because I have plenty of other stuff to do.


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