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Re: Setting *some* packages to use /etc

At Fri, 23 Oct 2009 13:05:17 +0100, David Brownlee <> 
Subject: Setting *some* packages to use /etc
> I have a set of packages which I want to use /etc for their config files
> (pretty much only those which have config I change and care about/backedup
> if $PREFIX was blown away), but most I want to leave in $PREFIX/etc
> I currently have the below in mk.conf - can anyone think of a saner way of
> doing this?

Actually I think it's not really very sane to try to do this in the
first place.  :-)

If you don't care about the config files for some packages then I would
think that keeping them in /etc should in theory be equally OK for you.

If you do want to cleanly update package config files when you upgrade
your packages then you should always run "pkg_delete -r \*" to delete
them all instead of simply "blowing away" $PREFIX, no matte where you
point PKG_SYSCONFBASE.  This will both help you to remember what
packages did have custom local configurations, as well as help debug

I think pkgsrc has way too much freedom (and thus way far too much
unnecessary complexity) in how it allows individual packages to be
configured differently from each other.

This is particularly perturbing when it comes to packages which might
actually have some inter-relationships between each other.

Personally I would say that pkgrsrc should only allow PKG_SYSCONFBASE to
be set once, i.e. with one consistent setting, for all binary packages
intended to be installed together on the same machine.  There should be
no support at all for changing this for individual packages.

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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