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Setting *some* packages to use /etc

I have a set of packages which I want to use /etc for their config files (pretty much only those which have config I change and care about/backedup if $PREFIX was blown away), but most I want to leave in $PREFIX/etc

I currently have the below in mk.conf - can anyone think of a saner way of doing this?

I'm actually half tempted to switch to a post package update script which just checks to see if files already exists in /etc and moves the matching entries from $PREFIX/etc if not, and creates symlinks, which would remove some of the 'magic' from my local package builds (if not my package deploys)

ÂÂÂ audio/mserv_irman \
ÂÂÂ audio/musicpd \
ÂÂÂ lang/pear \
ÂÂÂ lang/php5 \
ÂÂÂ mail/re-alpine \
ÂÂÂ mail/dovecot \
ÂÂÂ mail/exim \
ÂÂÂ mail/roundcube \
ÂÂÂ mail/spamassassin \
ÂÂÂ net/dante \
ÂÂÂ net/openvpn \
ÂÂÂ net/samba \
ÂÂÂ net/vsftpd \
ÂÂÂ security/msu \
ÂÂÂ security/msudir \
ÂÂÂ security/nessus \
ÂÂÂ security/nessus-core \
ÂÂÂ security/nessus-libraries \
ÂÂÂ security/nessus-plugins \
ÂÂÂ security/sudo \
ÂÂÂ shells/zsh \
ÂÂÂ sysutils/dirvish \
ÂÂÂ sysutils/libirman \
ÂÂÂ sysutils/munin-node \
ÂÂÂ sysutils/munin-server \
ÂÂÂ sysutils/ups-nut \
ÂÂÂ www/apache22 \
ÂÂÂ www/squid \
ÂÂÂ www/thttpd \
ÂÂÂ x11/xdm
. if !empty(PKG_USE_ETC:M${PKGPATH})
. endif

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