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Re: LICENSE for xdaliclock?

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> Adding a license file for every unique license, in my opinion, is too 
> much work. (In my license audit research, I have found over 150 
> different BSD-style licenses.)
> We need to clearly document what the LICENSE attempt to do and that it 
> doesn't identify all. Some packages may contain many licenses.
> Many Xorg software have near the same license and it is common, but not 
> the same as the "mit". I don't know what to name it as though, but 
> something generic so it can be reused.

I agree.  People who care about nuances of MIT-style licenses need to
hire their own lawyers :-)

I'd say that if the license is close enough that it's reasonably obvious no one 
would find one ok and another not then we can call it LICENSE=x11

('mit' is not a good word for licenses; they have used many)

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