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I have a question about the comms/libopensync package that in turn
prompts others.

First, I just tried to build it and ran into a problem with the
following pre-fetch target.

             ${TEST} -f ${DISTDIR}/${DISTNAME}${EXTRACT_SUFX} || \
             (cd ${DISTDIR} && ${FETCH_CMD} -o ${DISTNAME}${EXTRACT_SUFX} 

The most immediate problem is that the new ${FETCH_USING} constructs
break this because ${FETCH_CMD} is not defined.  However, it appearrs
that this (i.e., the '?format=raw' part) is completely unnecessary, as
eliminating this entire section fetches a file with the expected
checksum.  Thus, I propose removing it.

This raises a more general question.  The maintainer of this package
is 'pkgsrc-users'.  In situations like this, i.e., given no real
maintainer, is it appropriate to just make these kinds of changes
directly?  To what degree should they be discussed here first?

Thanks for your help.


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