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Help required creating package for Gaphor (Python based)


I wanted to create a package for Gaphor ( and
it's dependencies - but finally I neither know how to handle the
zope.component dependencies nor how to ensure having all dependencies
catched from (I'm not familiar with python).

I figured out some *_requires structures, but 'zope.component >= 3.4.0'
sounds to me like "it's part from zope". But I don't want to add an entire
application server with all it's dependencies for a developer tool, neither
I'm sure how to handle a stand-alone installation of zope.component
( and zope.event
( and whether they would
conflict with an installed www/zope or not.

Maybe someone could help me out - either by explanations or by give me some
links etc. - I'm totally confused meanwhile and I fear when I search on my
own, I cannot decide between bad information and helpful pages.


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