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lang/mono corrupted archive


Critical situation, I cannot update lang/mono 
error message: 

===> Overriding tools for mono-2.4
===> Extracting for mono-2.4

bzcat: Caught a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS whilst decompressing.

   Possible causes are (most likely first):
   (1) The compressed data is corrupted, and bzip2's usual checks
       failed to detect this.  Try bzip2 -tvv my_file.bz2.
   (2) This computer has unreliable memory or cache hardware
       (a surprisingly common problem; try a different machine.)
   (3) A bug in the compiler used to create this executable
       (unlikely, if you didn't compile bzip2 yourself.)
   (4) A real bug in bzip2 -- I hope this should never be the case.
   The user's manual, Section 4.3, has more info on (2) and (3).
   If you suspect this is a bug in bzip2, or are unsure about (2)
   or (3), feel free to report it to me at:
   Section 4.3 of the user's manual describes the info a useful
   bug report should have.  If the manual is available on your
   system, please try and read it before mailing me.  If you don't
   have the manual or can't be bothered to read it, mail me anyway.

        Input file = /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles//mono-2.4.tar.bz2, output file = 

It is possible that the compressed file(s) have become corrupted.
You can use the -tvv option to test integrity of such files.

You can use the `bzip2recover' program to attempt to recover
data from undamaged sections of corrupted files.

/usr/pkg/bin/gtar: Unexpected EOF in archive
/usr/pkg/bin/gtar: Unexpected EOF in archive
/usr/pkg/bin/gtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
*** Error code 2

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/lang/mono
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/lang/mono


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