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Re: Freeze in preparation for pkgsrc-2009Q1 on Sunday March 22nd, 23:59 UTC

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

> Just a quick heads-up folks - no more infrastructure changes, or
> new packages, until we branch pkgsrc for pkgsrc-2009Q1, please.

Is it OK to update bzr from 1.13 to 1.13.1?  Mainly for the merge
--force fix, but it also drops the pyrex build dep (again).

bzr 1.13.1 2009-03-19
A couple regessions where found in the 1.13 release. The pyrex-generated C
extensions are missing from the .tar.gz and .zip files.  Documentation on how
to generate GNU ChangeLogs is wrong.


    * Change ``./bzr``'s ``_script_version`` to match ./bzrlib/
      version_info. (Bob Tanner, Martin Pool, #345232)

    * Distribution archives for 1.13 do not contain generated C extension
      modules (Jean-Francois Roy, Bob Tanner, #344465)

    * GNU ChangeLog output can now be produced by bzr log --format
      gnu-changelog is incorrect (Deejay, Bob Tanner, Martin Pool, 
      Robert Collins, #343928)

    * ``merge --force`` works again. (Robert Collins, #342105)

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