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Who maintains bootstrap-mk-files (mk-configure again)?

Maintainer of pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files is set to If I understand correctly this means that
there is no individual person who maintain it. Right?

Another question. All sources for mk-files are in pkgsrc tree, and there
is no external tarball having official versions and available for those
who want to use these scripts without pkgsrc, just with bmake.
Is this true?

The next question is what is the status of these mk-files?  Are they
synced with NetBSD's /usr/share/mk files?

And the last question is what is the goal of these scripts in pkgsrc?
Are they ready for general purpose bmake-based development under
non-NetBSD platforms? Or this is not a goal of it?

As some of you may already know I'm developing wip/mk-configure,
lightweight replacement for GNU autoconf written in and for bmake
created for general purpose non-NetBSD development. For further
development of this project I have a plan to use either Simon Gerraty's
mk-files or pkgsrc's version of mk-files because both of them can
replace another autotools part, automake. I'm not sure which of them is
better.  Any thoughts? (if this is offtopic, email me privately).

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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