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Re: fam complexity

> There are of course the questions "why does graphviz need glib2" and
> "why does glib2 have fam services built in" but I realize the people on
> tech-pkg aren't the right crowd to berate about that :-)

No, please do complain. See pkg/41025 I opened this morning.

glib2 at least has an option to not include fam, but other packages
leave you no choice. Two days ago a discussion started about
"lightweight configuration". I think offering an option to *not*
include anything monstrous like Gnome, KDE, Qt and such - if it is
technically possible, i.e. the native configure script has a
--without-xyz switch - should be mandatory. I don't even mind setting
the default to "include everything there is", but I'd like to have a
choice. Package maintainers/importers should be required to include
these kind of options.

Joern Clausen

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