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Re: python/ PKGNAME_REQD issue breaks gnome build

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Greg Troxel wrote:

meta-pkgs/gnome depends on time/hamster-applet. Building
hamster-applet works fine, but meta-pkgs/gnome trying to
build it fails with

make: "/pkgsrc/time/hamster-applet/Makefile" line 32: Malformed
conditional (${PYPKGPREFIX} == "py24")
make: "/pkgsrc/time/hamster-applet/Makefile" line 32: Need an operator

This appears to be because hamster-applet includes
../../lang/python/ which tries to derive the
python version from PKGNAME_REQD, and fails.

Checking PKGNAME_REQD contains py([0-9][0-9])- seems to
resolve this.


So how, after your proposed change, does hamster figure out which
version of python to depend on?  I suppose it hits system default
because we aren't rebuilding py23-hamster?

        Sorry - I must be missing something here. There doesn't appear
        to be any py*-hamster package - hamster-applet installs as
        hamster-applet-* without any embedded python version (which
        may be suboptimal in itself).

        My patch doesn't affect the python version selecting
        behaviour (other than making the "build in gnome depending
        on hamster-applet depending on python" case match the "build
        in hamster-applet depending on python" rather than erroring

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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