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Re: compiling lang/tcl

Malcolm Herbert wrote:
Hi - I am trying to compile lang/tcl on a Solaris 10 host but am having some
issues ... I have unpacked and created a successful compile manually, so I'm
thinking the fault may lie with differences between plain and pkgsrc build

Maybe your pkgsrc is a bit old? I've tried it now with pkgsrc-2008Q3 and the SunStudio compiler is detected as gcc and sin is not found during the configure phase. The gcc detection is because the current pkgsrc wrappers try and make the compiler look like gcc (probably so that busted Linux software has some hope of working).

It turns out that I do not have the SunStudio compiler on my PATH, so I guess that pkgsrc and configure have no choice but to use whatever was configured at bootstrap time.

Lloyd Parkes
Systems Consultant
Open Systems
Ph: +64 4 890 2437

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