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Re: Importing a single Perl script

Edgar Fuß schrieb:
> USE_LANGUAGES: I assume it's correct not to mention Perl here?

Yes, you are right. USE_LANGUAGES is just use for selecting the proper
compiler for the languages C, C++ and Fortran. See "bmake help

> USE_TOOLS: Various other packages just add perl with a comment referring to
>       pod2man. However, pkglint warns about this. Is it correct to add 
> pod2man?

I don't get a warning here (pkglint 4.90). Which version of pkglint are
you using?

> EXTRACT_SUFX/CMD: Is ${CP}ing the right way to do this?

Yes, it's the easiest way. And it's also correct.

> Manyfing Perl documentation: Is there a more generic way other than calling
>       pod2man explicitly?


> CATEGORIES=   sysutils perl5

Maybe you should add "net", since DHCP has something to do with networking.

> USE_TOOLS+=   perl pod2man

Your program needs Perl at runtime, so you should write perl:run.

> do-build:
>       pod2man ${WRKDIR}/dhcpd-report > ${WRKDIR}/dhcpd-report.5

The man page belongs into section 1 (commands), not 5 (configuration files).

Apart from these minor things, you did great.


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