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Importing a single Perl script

These are probably trivial questions, but I want to get it right.

I just pkgsrc-ed a single Perl script (dhcpd-report).
Everything works, but I want to make sure I'm doing everything the way it's
intended in pkgsrc. So could someone in the know please comment on the Makefile
below and answer a few specific questions?

MASTER_SITES: I've also seen
USE_LANGUAGES: I assume it's correct not to mention Perl here?
USE_TOOLS: Various other packages just add perl with a comment referring to
        pod2man. However, pkglint warns about this. Is it correct to add 
EXTRACT_SUFX/CMD: Is ${CP}ing the right way to do this?
Manyfing Perl documentation: Is there a more generic way other than calling
        pod2man explicitly?

Thanks for any comments.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v $

DISTNAME=       dhcpd-report-1.53
CATEGORIES=     sysutils perl5

COMMENT=        Informative data from dhcpd.leases

PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=    user-destdir

USE_TOOLS+=     perl pod2man
REPLACE_PERL=   dhcpd-report

WRKSRC=         ${WRKDIR}

EXTRACT_SUFX=   # empty
EXTRACT_CMD=    ${CP} $${extract_file} dhcpd-report


        pod2man ${WRKDIR}/dhcpd-report > ${WRKDIR}/dhcpd-report.5

        ${INSTALL_SCRIPT} ${WRKDIR}/dhcpd-report ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin
        ${INSTALL_MAN} ${WRKDIR}/dhcpd-report.5 \

.include "../../mk/"

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