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OpenGL acceleration will be needed by gnome-games-2.26

From the gnome-games-2.25.1 (development version) release notes:


Gnome Games now optionally depends on clutter. We have run some
preliminary testing of clutter rendering on Intel, NVidia and ATI
hardware and are satisfied with the hardware accelerated state of
things with regard those specific hardware use cases. However, a wide
range of graphics hardware still-- in 2008--doesn't have OpenGL
acceleration. We have tested software-based rendering with Mesa 7.2
and clutter and found it a little lacking, even on a modern CPU.

Therefore, at this time, we recommend that clutter only be enabled by
default by distributors that ensure that OpenGL acceleration is
working for hardware from the three major vendors: Intel, NVidia and

We hope that in the future, low-hanging fruit in the Mesa software
rendering pipeline can be fixed enabling even software-fallback to
work optimally for the subset of OpenGL functions needed for rendering
a clutter stage.


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