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PKG_DEVELOPER (file-check) broken?


I'm having problems with the 'file-check' part of PKG_DEVELOPER:

=> Registering installation for m4-1.4.12
=> Checking file-check results for m4-1.4.12
ERROR: The following files have been deleted from /usr/pkg!
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/FvwmCommand
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/a2p
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/audiofile-config
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/bdftopcf
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/c2ph
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/cdparanoia

[thounds of lines deleted]

Aehm, something looks fishy here. I sometimes get that while installing
a package, but not always.

Is there a problem with wapl? Because /usr and the fs where i have pkgsrc
is a wapl enabled fs.

Earlier i got this:

=> Checking file-check results for mencoder-1.0rc10nb4
ERROR: ************************************************************
ERROR: The following files are in /usr/pkg but not in the PLIST:
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/a2p
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/audiofile-config
ERROR:         /usr/pkg/bin/c2ph

[thounds of errors deleted too, where the mencoder binary was not listed]

Something very strange is happening (5.99.01).


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