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Re: gnome update, gail

On Mar 15,  5:11pm, John Nemeth wrote:
} On Mar 15,  3:30pm, Greg Troxel wrote:
} } 
} } I am still struggling to complete a full pkg_rr, excluding as I need to,
} } and now I am finding gnome-base depending on gail, but gail is in gtk2+.
} } So I think we need to just drop gail from all Makefiles, and require
} } gtk2>=2.14.0 in those cases.  Does this seem right?
}       More or less.  The next problem is that gnome-base depends on
} gtkhtml314.  However, that doesn't work with the new version of gtk2.
} I've prepared a newer version gtkhtml (www/gtkhtml324), however due to
} issues with msgfmt it doesn't work.  I don't know enough about msgfmt
} to deal with the problem.  But, I committed the package anyways in the
} hope that somebody else can deal with that issue.  My next issue is
} that gstreamer0.10 with no error message.

     Found the gstreamer0.10 problem; it was a missing dependency.
I've updated the package.

}-- End of excerpt from John Nemeth

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