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Re: The pkgsrc-2008Q3 Branch

 >>  >> > These are all perl packages.  I suspect I may be at least partly
 >>  >> > to blame.
 >>  >> Until this problem is solved, uploading perl module binaries to
 >>  >> ftp:// seems useless to me.
 >> > Why ?
 >> Because package downgrades break 'pkg_add -u' and others?
 >> FYI: Obviously, I meant only packages (perl modules) having version lower
 >> than those from 2008Q2.

> Ha, you're not using the binaries the same way as I do then.
> When I upgrade a package I upgrade all dependancies too, by
> pkg-delete -rR/pkg_add. In this case the version regression is not
> so much of an issue.
Neither package upgrading methods I see in pkgsrc suits my needs.
Neither of them are modular and conforms my own notion
about "good thing"(TM).

Currently I use pkg_chk but sooner or later I'll rewrite it using
pkg_info + pkg_cmp_summary [+ distbb|pkg_comp|bb|pbulk|...] + pkg_add -uu

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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