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Re: The pkgsrc-2008Q3 Branch

 >> I know I'm really annoying but problem with packages downgrades is
 >> still not resolved.
 >> 2008Q2 vs 2008Q3
 >> > converters/p5-Convert-UUlib p5-Convert-UUlib 1.080 1.11
 >> > time/p5-Data-ICal-DateTime p5-Data-ICal-DateTime 0.65 0.7
 >> > time/p5-DateTime-Locale p5-DateTime-Locale 0.4001nb1 0.41
 >> > www/p5-HTML-LinkExtractor p5-HTML-LinkExtractor 0.121nb2 0.13

> These are all perl packages.  I suspect I may be at least partly
> to blame.
Until this problem is solved, uploading perl module binaries to
ftp:// seems useless to me.

> However...  This is a result of a culture clash between some
> parts of the perl community's conventions for numbering perl
> packages, and the pkgsrc version numbering conventions.

> I've been told (this may not be accurate?) that a perl $VERSION
> with x.y.z format will be incorrectly interpreted (by perl?).
> This is what gives rise to sequences similar to 1.1 -> 1.1001 ->
> 1.2 which can sometimes be found in certain perl packages.  If
> we're to strictly adhere to the pkgsrc numbering conventions, 1.2
> should probably be 1.2000, or 1.1001 should have been 1.1.1 in
> pkgsrc.

> However, if we decide that we strictly must adhere to our own
> conventions for package version numbering, doing direct and
> accurate comparisons between perl/CPAN module version number
> strings and pkgsrc package version strings will become
> essentially impossible in those cases where we provide the
> required "padding" when creating the pkgsrc version number.

> So... what's the correct thing to do?
How others resolve this problem?


Compare these numbers with those from pkgsrc.

I don't use perl but maybe 1.1001 -> 1.10.01?

Anyway checks for downgrades should be made/automated between pkgsrc releases.
My wip/pkg_summary-utils provides everything needed for this.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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