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Re: MAKE during pbulk scan

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 03:49:49PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 08:49:02AM -0400, Sean Boudreau wrote:
> > It's set in my 'pbulk' user's .profile but it's not inherited
> > across the client pbulk-scan as they're started in the
> > 'scan-client-start' script via "ssh user command" which doesn't
> > run a login shell.
> Hm. Right. I guess I have never seen this as the systems I use have it
> set included in the global environment. You can either modify the two
> start scripts (build and scan) to pass it down explicitly by calling env
> on the remote side. Alternatively you can use SendEnv PATH in the ssh
> config. I'm not sure if putting it in mk.conf is early enough.

Here's what I have.  Do you think it's generally useful?

Index: pkgtools/pbulk/files/pbulk/scripts/scan-client-start
--- pkgtools/pbulk/files/pbulk/scripts/scan-client-start        (revision 122)
+++ pkgtools/pbulk/files/pbulk/scripts/scan-client-start        (working copy)
@@ -12,5 +12,5 @@
 for client in ${scan_clients}; do
-       ssh $client "${pscan_prepare} && ${pscan} -c ${master_port_scan} -M 
${make} ${pkgsrc}" &
+       ssh $client "${pscan_prepare} && env PATH=\$PATH:${prefix}/bin ${pscan} 
-c ${master_port_scan} -M ${make} ${pkgsrc}" &
Index: pkgtools/pbulk/files/pbulk/scripts/build-client-start
--- pkgtools/pbulk/files/pbulk/scripts/build-client-start       (revision 122)
+++ pkgtools/pbulk/files/pbulk/scripts/build-client-start       (working copy)
@@ -12,5 +12,5 @@
 for client in ${build_clients}; do
-       ssh $client "${pbuild} -c ${master_port_build} -b ${pbuild_script}" &
+       ssh $client "env PATH=\$PATH:${prefix}/bin ${pbuild} -c 
${master_port_build} -b ${pbuild_script}" &

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