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Re: Options vs. Binary packages

On Fri, 19 Sep 2008, Blair Sadewitz wrote:
Another approach would be to simply decrease the number of options in
many packages, instead making them mandatory.  For instance, consider
ffmpeg; IMHO it's better to build it with most of the optional
packages included by default.

pkgsrc isn't only used for software on standard workstation machines. I use it to build binary packages which are then hacked^Wpost-processed to used in an embedded environment. In this way I have a kernel (with embedded ramdisk capable of updating itself and its packages) plus modules (opera, Linux emulation, Citrix ICA client,, tk/tcl, mbone tools, rdesktop, vnc, gui for configuration, etc.) in around 40MB.

I need options to chop down features I don't need that bloat the system. By all means have them on by default, but they don't want removing.


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