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What native xorgs to support in pkgsrc?


The history of X.Org is such is that files have moved from one package
to another, some packages were re-named, and so on.  I think it is
frivolous to aim at supporting everything, especially since pkgsrc can
provide its own version of all the necessary packages.

All the files are messy, copied from one another, and in the
end each carrying a different history.  I'd see some value in factoring
most of them into a single piece of code, but for that I need to set
some rules as for the assumptions we can make for the version of the
hosts's X.Org distribution.

For instance, one assumption could be that it's modular enough (i.e.,
we will look for pkgconfig files) and modern enough (we look for
xfixesproto, and xfixesext as it might have been in an older version).

That would help a lot.


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