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Re: Defaulting to openmotif on some platforms is illegal

  From the OpenMotif license:

  The rights granted under this license are limited solely to
  distribution and sublicensing of the Contribution(s) on, with, or for
  operating systems which are themselves Open Source programs.  "Open
  Source" programs mean software for which the source code is available
  without confidential or trade secret restrictions and for which the
  source code and object code are available for distribution without
  license charges.

  We have to stop tricking our users into license violation by setting
  MOTIF_TYPE_DEFAULT to lesstif on our closed platforms where we use it now.
  These are OSF1, HPUX, BSDOS, AIX, and Interix*.

'tricking' is probably a bit strong - it's a default that will lead them
to try to build openmotif and then be confronted with the LICENSE, which
they should read and understand, just like any other.

This is a bit complex, because the above is only about distribution, not
about use.

But, I don't object to making lesstif the default on non-free systems.
(Darwin feels non-free at the moment - I don't know a single person
using it from an open source build.)

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