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Re: Perl package version numbers

> : -p5-DateTime-TimeZone-0.6904
> : +p5-DateTime-TimeZone-0.77
> : Is that "new" version number smaller or larger than the old
> : version number, according to our version numbering scheme?
>   The new version is smaller, and should be padded: 0.7700

well, this brings new problems :) If you try to compare the version of
pkgsrc with the version of CPAN, you'll always fail. I know that this
problem is a problem of the perl module and the different numbering
schemes of Perl modules (old style/new style).
If you try to compare two versions of a module (e.g. pkgsrc vs cpan)
please use the CPAN/ for comparision, it is designed to handle
such things.

If you ask me the padding is ok but please file it as a "glitch",
bug, whatever to upstream :) Btw, the new module is:


and the world is ok. :)


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