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Re: Perl package version numbers

In article <> Havard wrote:
: Hi,

: in a recent update triggered by lintpkgsrc + pkgdepgraph, and
: comparing the "before" with the "after" packages, this one
: strikes me as worthy of at least a question:

: -p5-DateTime-TimeZone-0.6904
: +p5-DateTime-TimeZone-0.77

: Is that "new" version number smaller or larger than the old
: version number, according to our version numbering scheme?

  The new version is smaller, and should be padded: 0.7700

: ...which brings up another question, where exactly is our version
: numbering scheme defined?

: For instance, the man page for p5-pkgsrc-Dewey does not contain
: neither a definition nor examples, and the pkgsrc manual gives no
: useful hits when the index is searched for "dewey" or "version".

  pkg_info gives a description in the PACKAGE WILDCARDS section,
although it omits to explain that version numbers are compared
numreically, component by component, with `.' being the component

  Admittedly, that is not the best place.  Any suggestions where we
could put this so it's easier to find?


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