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Re: p5-* modules and DEPEND for tests

>   We should use the same mechanism we use for hiding installed C
> libraries to hide installed Perl module: symlink all files from Perl
> modules listed as dependencies into a directory inside WRKDIR and set
> the Perl include path to that.  That way, from Perl's perspective,
> only the listed packages are available, and pkgsrc will ensure that
> they are also available when installing the binary packages later.

I am not sure if you can set the @INC path of a Perl binary exclusivly,
I think it's compiled in, but I may be wrong with this.

Perl -V shows me:


  Built under netbsd
  Compiled at Jun 26 2008 11:19:14

They are set inside Perls I am not sure if we can't change
this. The buildlink system is a great concept and I really would like to
see something for Perl things as well. However, there are some Perl
packages who require alot packages as dependencies (like 30), this would
lead to a massive symlinking which might be a serious impact, especially
on the slower machines.

>   I would leave this up to the discretion of the package maintainer.
> If the maintainer is sure a certain package is only used during build
> or test, he should mark them appropriately.  Maybe we can add a
> recommendation to the pkgsrc guide that, when in doubt, use a full
> dependency.

You already said it - if in doubt. We don't have that many maintainers
for Perl things anyway. I think it would make updating alot easier. I am
trying to fix the dependencies to make life for later updates alot
easier. Just increments the version number, run the test-suite and check
if it fails or not. So I think the full dependency should be the

It also helps our users to check if their Perl work correctly and if
everything is fine.

- Uli

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