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Re: p5-* modules and DEPEND for tests

In article <> Ulrich wrote:
: Conclusions about this:
: ----------------------

: As the Perl interpreter looks into its @INC he'll find modules which
: have been installed earlier and use them as well. In order to build
: clean Perl modules we have to make sure that dependcies are listed
: correctly and Perl Modules are build inside chroot environments which
: are prepared just for this module. pkg_comp might be a good tool for
: this I haven't looked very deep into this, I use chroots for my builds
: and clean the sandbox after the build.

  We should use the same mechanism we use for hiding installed C
libraries to hide installed Perl module: symlink all files from Perl
modules listed as dependencies into a directory inside WRKDIR and set
the Perl include path to that.  That way, from Perl's perspective,
only the listed packages are available, and pkgsrc will ensure that
they are also available when installing the binary packages later.

  We might need to take extra care not to leak path names and the
changed include path into the created binary packages, but that is the
basic approach.

: What I suggest:
: --------------

: So - enough for my explanations here, I really would like to see that
: the DEPENDS section should list all the modules which are listed in the
: PREREQ_PM section of the Makefile.PL from upstream to ensure the
: integrity of pkgsrc for the Perl modules. I really would like to have a
: decision on that I would like to write it down inside the pkgsrc guide
: so everyone who will add Perl modules to the pkgsrc system can deal with
: it.

: Any suggestions?

  I would leave this up to the discretion of the package maintainer.
If the maintainer is sure a certain package is only used during build
or test, he should mark them appropriately.  Maybe we can add a
recommendation to the pkgsrc guide that, when in doubt, use a full


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