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GSoC status report: cwrapper

Current status:

* Work is proceeding on the "cwrapper" CVS branch in pkgtools/cwrapper.

* All the tests from regress/buildlink-transform have been ATF'ified.

* Some of the tests are failing (and were failing before the conversion). I need to determine whether the fault lies in the tests or in the wrappers.

* A very preliminary draft of a paper has been written. Future drafts will be much more interesting once the project has been completed.

Work left to do:

* More thorough test coverage is needed.

* The new wrapper implementation remains to be written.

* Integration and performance testing will determine when the new implementation should replace the old.


* Got off to a late start for a variety of reasons.

* Would have liked to be further along by now, but momentum is now heavily on my side.

* It is impossible to overstate the importance of having a full test suite in place before the rewrite. The quality of the test suite, I'm quite certain, will determine the velocity of the development to follow.

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