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Re: how to upgrade a whole machine ...

> pkg_install needs the ability to trace binary dependencies and figure
> out what needs to be done _before_ doing work and touching any packages,
> rather than failing in the middle of the process.  pkgsrc needs a robust
> analog to "yum update foo" or "apt-get install foo".

It can figure it out from pkg_summary(5).

> * no consistent way to update security problems only
> there is no consistent way to say "only update packages with security
> issues".  old versions are fine, but old versions with security problems
> are not.  my current workaround for this involves taking the output of
> audit-packages and running via pkgdepgraph to generate a list of
> packages for pkg_comp to build.  however, this frequently trips up
> pkg_install's update.

Maybe I am not sure what you mean here. But building against the stable 
branch would be the best. Build your list of packages based 
audit-packages. If any other packages are rebuilt then it should be minor 
stability fixes only.

Note that some other package systems may end up updating for stability 
fixes too (when are needed dependencies) when you track "security" only.

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