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Re: how to upgrade a whole machine ...

In article <p06240803c44784db14c7@[]> Hauke wrote:
: At 17:55 Uhr +0200 07.05.2008, Dieter Baron wrote:
: >In article <p06240802c4477d725823@[]> Hauke wrote:
: >: It seems to me that pkgsrc is really more of a research thing than
: >: anything that eventually will converge to a simple, powerful tool.
: >
: >   Thank you for dismissing all the hard work various people put into
: >pkgsrc to get there, and for your lack of faith in our efforts.

: While sloppily worded, "research thing" is not a slur. So I feel you 
: are taking my impressions (and that's all I wrote about) the wrong 
: way.

  The part I'm taking exception to is the second part, that it will
never converge on a simple, powerful tool.  While reasearch thing
might not be inteded as a slur, it's certainly not what pkgsrc tries
to be.  pkgsrc aims at being a flexible, powerful packaging system
that is nonetheless (reasonably) easy to use -- I know we seriously
lack in the ease-of-use department.

: In many fields, pkgsrc has come a long, long way. But three 
: half-finished bulk build schemes, and half a dozen convoluted recipes 
: presented each time the issue "update of a pkgsrc installation" comes 
: up, do show there's something missing still.

  Indeed, and I said so in my first reply.  BUT: We're working on it,
and hope to get there someday.

: I wholeheartedly subscribe to Herb's

: At 9:01 Uhr -0600 07.05.2008, Herb Peyerl wrote:
: >This isn't by any means, me saying "you all suck" because obviously 
: >there's a lot of hard work being put in here... I feel, however, as 
: >though maybe we've lost track of the end user in all of this ...


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