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Re: how to upgrade a whole machine ...

> anymore." leading one to look at the docs for 'pbuild' which has a big "TODO,
> look at the wiki".  ... But it doesn't really look like that's what I want to
> do anyway ...

I don't know what wiki that is. But you may also want to look at:

For a few years, I used a modified pkg_add that allowed updating packages 
by overwriting (not pkg_delete'ing first). I now often just use "pkg_add 
-uu". I use my own script (in pkgsrc-wip) to use the pkg_summary database 
and to download packages and install or upgrade (using pkg_add -uu for 
now). (My script needs work to do some checks before upgrading.)

As already mentioned in this thread, I'd also suggest just using binary 
packages provided by project to save time. If the packages don't exist, 
please complain. The two options on that wiki page for "binary" are 
"pkg_add -uu" and "pkg_chk -b".

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