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Re: 2008Q1 -> current: downgrade

 >> For example, instead of going from "stgit-20080220" to "stgit-0.14.2"
 >> one could go to "stgit-0.14.2,1", where the trailing ",1" means
 >> "numbering has gone backwards once".

> We don't have the means to do that right now, and retrofitting it onto
> the ordering mechanism which we use right across pkgsrc would not be
> easy, simple or even desired (I don't know what the ,1 is meant to
> signify, even with your excellent explanation, and I don't see how
> this ordering even works).
time0:  package-1.5.0
time1:  package-1.5.4
time2:  1:package-20070505
time3:  2:package-2.0.0
time4:  2:package-2.0.1
time5:  2:package-2.0.2
time6:  3:package-20080101
time7:  3:package-20080301
time8:  4:package-2.1.0

`x:' (or postfix `,x') is assigned by package maintainer.
As far as I can understand this is not very hard to implement.
At least it is trivial for me to adopt wip/awk-pkgsrc-dewey :)

What things need to be changed for this feature?
dewey.c, (new variable like PKGREVISION) and pkg_chk.
Something else?

>  I'd be more inclined to use a different
> PKGBASE for the affected packages.
Additional component to PKGNAME to make a special ordering whould be
very nice feature.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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