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Re: Comments regarding including updated NetBSD into libcdio

  The particular file in question is;content-type=text%2Fx-cvsweb-markup

  which he maintains is compatible with GPL and mentions . Basically, he says one
  keeps the license of the original code.

  So if he's correct and there is no *legal* problem, there is of course
  there's the question of whether folks would take offence and/or if it
  would be desireable. I've sent email to drochner at the netbsd org
  address asking for his view since his email is listed on the existing
  0.76 source code.

I can't speak for anyone else, but the license permits copying and
incorporating in the upstream, and generally the BSD attitude is that
people are welcome to do things like that.  From the pkgsrc viewpoint we
definitely want patches incorporated upstream.  So if you (libcdio
upstream) are willing to take that file and put it in your tree, leaving
the copyright and license of course, I think you should go right ahead
and do that.  If the file author didn't want that he probably would
chosen a different license :-)

So BSD-culturally what you want to do is just fine, and would be
appreciated (the fewer patches in pkgsrc the better).  What would also
be generally appreciated, but perhaps less important, is to leave the
licnse BSD when it is modified, rather than adding GPL on top of it.

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