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Comments regarding including updated NetBSD into libcdio

Karl Berry has been going over the libcdio code
( to change it from GPL V2 to
V3. In the process he remarked

  The BSD license used these days (no advertising clause) is compatible
  with the GPL (both 2 and 3).  So you can incorporate BSD-licensed code
  in libcdio, there is no legal problem.

The particular file in question is;content-type=text%2Fx-cvsweb-markup

which he maintains is compatible with GPL and mentions . Basically, he says one
keeps the license of the original code.

So if he's correct and there is no *legal* problem, there is of course
there's the question of whether folks would take offence and/or if it
would be desireable. I've sent email to drochner at the netbsd org
address asking for his view since his email is listed on the existing
0.76 source code.

Thoughts and comments?

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