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Re: Multiple/Split Master Sites?

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

Instead of fetching an existing binary package, just BUILD_DEPENDS on that package. And then run it from where it is installed. Now if it installs to same place as new package or conflicts, then adjust one or both so they can be installed at same time.

Uhm, I think I'm missing something in your explanation.

If I make lang/sbcl build-depend on lang/sbcl-boot, what will build lang/sbcl-boot? Will it depend on itself, on lang/sbcl-bootboot, or maybe on lang/sbcl itself? After all it's the same package, just with a different name. That duplication seems less than desirable. And if the two depend on each other, what happens if neither is installed and I try to build one of them.

Or is lang/sbcl-boot simply a fetch binary and install it thing that doesn't actually build anything? In that case it seems like a lot of overkill for what needs to be done. What would you do with lang/gcc if there were no C compiler either in the OS, as a pre-installed package, or in the bootstrap-pkgsrc part of things? Sure you can download the source, but without a compiler, what good is it?


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