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Re: Multiple/Split Master Sites?

On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, Jon Buller wrote:

> I'm looking at fixing lang/sbcl... It's a Lisp compiler, written in
> Lisp, so it needs a binary to build itself with. I think lang/gcc*-ada
> might have similar problems, so it might be next. Currently, you need
> to find some binary somewhere else, install it in /usr/local/, /tmp/,
> ~/, or someplace else accessible, hack the package Makefile to know
> where you put the host compiler, and then make the package.
> I would like to take an existing binary package, unpack it in the work/
> directory and build from there. So the first big question is how can I
> have MASTER_SITES set to the right SOURCEFORGE spot to get the sources,
> and also fetch the proper binary package, presumably from ftp.n.o or a
> mirror. Second, is there any prior art on how to get the right binary
> package? I suspect I can muddle through that one, but hints would be
> appreciated.

Instead of fetching an existing binary package, just BUILD_DEPENDS on that 
package. And then run it from where it is installed. Now if it installs to 
same place as new package or conflicts, then adjust one or both so they 
can be installed at same time.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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