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Re: Multiple/Split Master Sites?

Thomas Klausner wrote:
On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 07:54:36PM -0800, Jon Buller wrote:
I would like to take an existing binary package, unpack it in the work/
directory and build from there. So the first big question is how can I
have MASTER_SITES set to the right SOURCEFORGE spot to get the sources,
and also fetch the proper binary package, presumably from ftp.n.o or a

You can add multiple files to DISTFILES and define a separate
MASTERSITE for each. E.g.
DISTFILES=${DISTNAME}${EXTRACT_SUFX} someotherfile.tar.gz

Thank you, that is exactly what I was hoping for. I was starting to think about a pre- or post-fetch target with ftp and tar commands, and then was worried about validating it with distinfo etc. It started to seem like reinventing a large wheel. This takes care of it all.

Second, is there any prior art on how to get the right binary
package? I suspect I can muddle through that one, but hints would be

I think you should make the package use a known-good binary package,
not just the latest available one.

Yes, absolutely. I figured that it would be simpler to just do an mv or cp on the latest bulk build output when it is deemed worthy, rather than rebuild the package in some slightly different format or naming scheme.

Hope this helps,

Very much.


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