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Re: new Mesa 7.0.3-rc2 packages in pkgsrc-wip

On 3/3/08, Vincent <> wrote:
> Hi Blair,
> glxinfo still reports no DRI, but I get over 1200 fps with glxgears, so
> drm is fine.

Does xdpyinfo report an Xfree86-DRI extension?
If not, it's most likely not loaded.  If you
send me your dmesg and Xorg.0.log, I'll look
at it for you and see if I can gain any insight
into the problem.

FWIW, on a 3Ghz "prescott" processor with an R423-based card, I get
~4500fps with glxgears.
I need to find a real 3D benchmark that we can use,
as glxgears results aren't very meaningful.

> I'll try to see what I can do to help you at the end of the week or at
> the beginning of next one.

Thanks.  A majority of the real work to be done is in the kernel ...
if you're up for that, we have much to talk about. ;)  I was looking
through the current linux code tonight, and barring a few [very
significant] uncertainties, I think a port of the current linux code
would be quite feasible to do.  Putting in the effort to do things

-- use UBC for buffer object management (possible?)
-- implement dmover(9) backend(s) for I/O (should be possible?) which
I think could, at the very least, simplify the code
-- Convert internal drm locking to use the
   locking primitives available in our kernel
   (entails subsequent major work on libdrm also)

would be even cooler.  I'm still waiting on someone
with the know-how to let me know what could/should
be done and briefly summarize some implementation
strategies, as much ofthis is really beyond the scope of my understanding ...

> Thanks for commiting.

No problem.
> Vincent
> PS : xlockmore OpenGL modes are broken since 7.0.0. Do you have the same
> behavior?
Not sure, I'll have to take a look.  You could file a pkgsrc PR ...



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