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Re: USE_FEATURES: static library vs. "inplace" hack

 >> Several months ago USE_FEATURES framework were introduced.
 >> I think idea is cool. API is easy. But I still don't understand why
 >> libnbcompat library should be built again and again
 >> instead of building a static library once.
 >> That is why "inplace" method was implemented instead of
 >> linking with statically linked library built and installed once.

> I am working on a somewhat different scheme. Building the whole static
> compat library and linking every binary in the package with it is too
> crude.
I still don't understand why. Can you explain?  AFAIK linker will not
include unused object files into resulting executable.
Do you mean libraries?

And yes, support for PIC objects is needed.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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