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Re: pkgsrc oddities/bugs

On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 07:50:50PM +0200, M.K. wrote:
> 1) Shouldn't there be a 'nls' option allowing us to have

IMO this is pretty pointless and will just increase maintaince.

> 3) The pkgsrc guide states:
> > * PKGMAKECONF: Location of the mk.conf file used by a package's BSD-style
> >   Makefile. If this is not set, MAKECONF is set to /dev/null to avoid 
> > picking
> >   up settings used by builds in /usr/src.
> However, pkgsrc reads /etc/mk.conf and uses the options set there, e.g.
> USE_INET6, despite PKGMAKECONF being unset. Is this a bug? Or maybe the docs
> are too old?

.if defined(BSD_PKG_MK)

to distinguish between pkgsrc and src.


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