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Re: pkgsrc littering the home directory

Tobias Nygren wrote:
This patch implements the suggested feature. Comments welcome.
I'm not sure about putting stuff in or if the wrapper target
is really appropriate ...

Instead of ${_PKG_SILENT}${_PKG_DEBUG}, you can simply write ${RUN}, which also provides part of the error checking (set -e) that you wanted. Did you run pkglint on the file? ;)

Is the "test -s" portable enough? In the NetBSD man page, there's no word of testing the "size of a directory". I think checking that the output of "ls -A" is empty is more portable. See also

find(1) without any arguments is not portable enough for pkgsrc. Use "find ${FAKEHOMEDIR} -print" instead.

A variable cannot be listed in both _USER_VARS and _PKG_VARS at the same time: Either it is user-settable or package-settable, but not both.


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