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Platform independant startup environment?

I've noticed that a number of packages come with NetBSD rc.d startup scripts. I 
also notice that a lot of the pkgsrc platforms don't have the NetBSD rc.d 
system. ;)  Would it make sense to create (or port) a similar rc.d system and 
make it platform agnostic that the hosting platform could just execute the 
"pkgsrc startup mechanism" and all of the rc.d scripts that a lot of packages 
come with could "just work" with most platforms?

Alternatively a startup meta-definition syntax from which pkgsrc could generate 
platform-specific startup data/files/mechanisms (such as launchd plists for Mac 
OS X/Darwin, NetBSD rc.d scripts, Linux init.d, initng, etc.)?


Thinking out loud,
- Jesse

Jesse Peterson <>

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